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How to use this site

This website contains 1923 video interviews, with a full transcript of each interview. Each interview lasts on average around 5 hours, recorded on 8-10 video tapes of 40 minutes duration. The website displays the raw, unedited videos of the interviews.

To access the videos and transcripts, please use the Search functionality, either by clicking on the ‘Search’ tab in the navigation bar or by using the search boxes in the header and below the top video player on the Home page.

On the Home page you may watch one of the videos on display that have been selected as exceptional pieces. To view more videos under Featured Videos/ Most Viewed/Hidden Gems, simply use the arrow to scroll.

Clicking on a video on the Home page will take you to the page devoted to the interviewee. In addition to watching the video you will also have the options of listening to the interview and/or reading the transcript.

Select the resolution at which you view the video by scrolling over the control bar at the bottom of the video. When hovering over control bar you will see a pop up box offering a choice of video quality, namely standard resolution (352p) or HD (704p).

On the Search page you will see dropdown fields for ‘Theme’ and ‘Sub-theme’. To read more about the themes and sub-themes please click on the ‘Learn More’ button to the right of the ‘Sub-theme’ field. When selecting the ‘Select a Theme’ field, you will see a drop down menu displaying a list of all themes contained in the archive plus an ‘All themes’ option. The ‘Select’ field below the ‘Select a Sub-theme’ field allows you to view, in some cases, refinements of the sub-theme previously selected.

You can create a playlist of your favourite videos and video clips by clicking on the “Add to my videos” link on the interview page, and then your playlist will appear on the “My Videos” page. You will need to register and be logged in to the website to use this functionality.

For guidance on how to use the Australians at War Film Archive website the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) page contains a comprehensive list of commonly asked questions with answers. If your question is not listed, use the ‘Submit Your Question’ link to email your question to us.